Our Impact

Women of EVs has rooted itself in the heart of the industry and intends to ensure that the future of electrification includes women at the helm.

The group has grown from 4 women to almost 400 women worldwide.

We’ve all grown together and supported each other throughout our careers from 1 year to 10 years of friendships that have lasted through various jobs and organizations. It is with this connectivity that we all conjure up as much of our collective skillset to ensure the EV market grows rapidly with women at the wheel.

Contributing our perspectives in the board room, in the car design room, in the UI/UX meetings, and beyond will lead to a better and more sustainable industry.

A WEV Lifts While She Leads.  Animation Source:  https://www.libbyvanderploeg.com

A WEV Lifts While She Leads.

Animation Source: https://www.libbyvanderploeg.com



We hope in our own way we’ve played a part in the escalating trajectory of women joining the EV industry workforce. We will strive to be the outfit that tracks this change and encourages it to scale even further.


In the future, we aim to map our impact to measurably:

  • Grow the number of women working in the EV industry.

  • Increase the number of women speaking on industry panels.

  • Garner commitments from conferences to increase women attendees and speakers.

  • Increase the number of local WEVs chapters.

  • Increase mentorships within the industry.

  • Increase women across different parts of the value chain and along the spectrum of leadership positions.

  • Increase industry awareness of the ways in which women experience the daily workplace, through panels and open communication inspired by WEVs. We will carry this out by compiling qualitative and quantitative data that outlines how the ripple effects of negative workplace environments impact the likelihood of successful EV acceleration and consequently the livelihood of the industry. 

  • Track progress, collect data on inclusion in the industry, and report these findings back in a way that helps move the needle towards true equality throughout the sector.

Malmo, Sweden

Malmo, Sweden