Women of EVs
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Empower, Elevate & Educate.


Our Mission:

elEVate Her.

We elevate women in the EV industry by establishing a space built for “her” from the ground up. A space to coalesce women globally towards the urgent need to rapidly shift to electric transportation. Together, we create community and long lasting connections, by sharing stories, ideas, resources, and strategies to become better leaders & innovators in our industry.

Because when women lead, communities and industries thrive.


Carry Her While We Climb…

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the electric vehicle industry needs a spark

WEVS are ready to ignite that spark. Our group has been connecting talented women throughout the world since 2013 and we’re working hard to keep up that energy for many years to come. We are working night and day to ensure our members shore up the foundation and every subsequent layer of the EV industry that becomes the future of transportation. Because without the spark that is women, at every single decision making table, every job site, every policymaking body, every coding session, and every factory floor, we cannot succeed. WEVs puts women behind the wheel to get there quicker.


Our Programs

WEVs has long created many avenues for women to get involved, from our annual event, to smaller local events, and organic mentorship opportunities. Starting in 2019, we are formalizing our efforts and creating programs that help our members, our partners, and people throughout and outside the industry to expand our impact.



Every year, WEVs holds our flagship event in Portland, Oregon, to launch everyone’s favorite summer EV conference, Roadmap. We also host local events to continue the momentum throughout the year. Going forward, WEVs HQ will work with chapters to continue to build out events and opportunities to partner on diverse offerings for in person convening.

WEV panels + SPeakers bureau

Our group is committed to increasing the percentage of women who are elEVated to speak on industry panels. Through our speakers bureau, industry organizations will have an opportunity through partnership with WEVs to discover new speakers for future events. We also create all WEV panels for partner conferences, such as our founding WEV panel conference partner, Green Transportation Summit & Expo (GTSE).


Crucial to our continued growth in this industry, WEVs connects women in our membership roster to elEVate each other. Essential to that is mentoring fellow WEVs throughout our careers. As we evolve, this will become more formalized, but central to our guiding principles, WEVs encourages its members to establish these expectations with each other.


In order to grow our membership and increase opportunities and spaces for WEVs to continue engagement outside of the larger membership events, we’ve established chapter leads who will be providing support and resources for their members. Chapters organize local events throughout the year in coordination with WEVs HQ to expand our offerings and resources for members.


Our Impact

From Portland, Oregon to Columbus, Ohio, across the Atlantic to Europe, India, Japan and beyond, WEVs are fighting the good fight to get more EVs on our roads.

WEVs are impacting our companies, governments, and communities by investing our time, talent, and energy into electrifying all modes of transportation. We’re creating jobs, cleaning the air, and erecting the future infrastructure that will help us to combat the deleterious impact of a rapidly changing climate.




Globally, WEVs represents a diverse group of women leading the EV industry.



years since founding

What started as 4 women, has now grown to almost 400 women in just 6 years.



public & private sector employers

From state & federal government agencies to utilities, automakers, charging networks, non-profits, and cities, our reach expands around the globe.


May 2019

“My professional involvement with the Women of EVs group is incredibly valuable and worthwhile. It is a peer group that I am honored to consider myself a part of- the supportive women in this industry lift each other up, create new opportunities, and give us a safe space to share our triumphs and our challenges with one another. Participating in a Women of EVs leadership panel at a recent conference was a career highlight for me- and I’m grateful for the opportunity to give back to this community.”

Natalia Swalnick / Director of Electric Vehicle and Smart Mobility Programs,

Electrification Coalition


Our Team

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Get Involved

There are many avenues to get involved as a member of WEVs, but there are also several steps we take to partner with non-members and organizations interested in supporting our mission.


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