Our Partners


Since our founding six years ago, WEVs has received support from partners big and small.

Our ethos is rooted in an approach to doing business that is inclusive and cuts through the differences amongst us in order to rapidly electrify transportation. We’ve been fortunate enough along the way to find like-minded organizations that have helped us “elEVate her.” From providing a physical space to host events, to sponsoring events, using their megaphone to tell the WEVs story, inviting employees to join, to cross promoting our event, partners have shown there isn’t one size fits all to supporting WEVs. It’s with these partnerships that we can ensure WEVs is helping to grow the number of women who are at the forefront of innovation. If we don’t invest in women and commit to ensuring they don’t get left behind in this push to disrupt transportation, our industry will miss out on a treasure trove of innovation, perspective, passion, smarts, determination, data and ideas.

We invite you to join these WEV partners in our mission to

elEVate Her.

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Paul G. Allen Family Foundation (Vulcan)

In June 2018, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, via Vulcan (Paul Allen’s “engine” behind his network of organizations and initiatives ), sponsored our 2018 WEVs flagship event. Loreana Marciante, then Sr. Incubation Manager at Vulcan (a card-carrying WEV!), facilitated Vulcan’s support of WEVs.


Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities Coalition

Through the support of Brian Trice at Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities Coalition, he has hosted and spearheaded the incubation of WEVs panels for 2018 & 2019 at the Green Transportation Summit & Expo (GTSE). It has set the stage for future WEVs panels to come and will continue to be a key partner as we venture ahead.


portland general electric

A 2019 WEVs summit sponsor, and longtime WEVs partner. PGE has always found ways to craft unique offerings for its customers, like pioneering the “Electric Avenue” concept and scaling it outside of a big city, as well as a recent program to offer free charging to Lyft drivers. PGE is embedding electrifying transportation throughout its traditional organization, ensuring that as they grow their efforts, they also grow their number of women leading them, all the way up to the top of the organization as CEO.



A longtime partner of WEVs, collaborating on our annual event and helping to grow our WEVs community. As the organizer of Roadmap and other networking events highlighting industry issues, Forth continues to work to serve as a connective tissue for diverse industry partners.


Plug & Pinot

A 2019 WEVs Summit Sponsor & Ongoing partner. P&P has held events with Kia, Portland Trailblazers, & more. Its 20+ Oregon wineries all boast EV charging to create the best experience when traveling through Oregon Wine Country.




Veloz, a non-profit organization, made up of a diverse group of industry leaders, is working to accelerate the shift to electric cars through public-private collaboration, public engagement and policy education innovation. Veloz, a longtime WEVs supporter, has worked with our team to increase participation and sponsor our flagship event. WEVs will continue to work with VELOZ to ensure broad-based engagement on industry panels, events, and campaigns.


Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America

The MBRDNA team is developing the next generation of EVs with WEVs at the wheel. A 2019 “Bertha Benz” Top Level sponsor, this organization is at the helm of innovating how to create spaces for women to openly dialogue and create new avenues for inclusion. Their "She’s Mercedes” initiative is a platform dedicated to inspiring, connecting and empowering women to unleash their best.  It is the exact type of program that is emblematic of the movement WEV envisions seeing in the future. When corporations step out front to showcase their strengths and encourage discourse about issues that arise in our modern workplaces, we begin to carve out the space that we need to make our mark.



ABB has shown strong leadership in their partnership with WEVs as the sponsored for WEVs panels in 2018 & 2019 at GTSE. ABB has had longtime employees who’ve participated actively in WEVs events.


Jacobsen salt co.

Our 2019 WEVs Summit Host - Jacobsen sponsored the venue.


Brink Communications

Our 2016 & 2017 WEVs Summit Host at their offices, on the Revolution Hall Rooftop (the historic “Washington High School”). Brink Communications, a women-founded and women-led communications firm headquartered in Portland, Oregon and a longtime champion of movements they believe can improve our communities. They’ve helped bring Oregon’s Statewide EV Plan to creative fruition and launched Drive Oregon into their new brand, Forth. This team works daily to improve the lives of women and their communities.