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Are you ready to join hundreds of fellow Women of Electric Vehicles changing the world….together? Whether you’re just starting out as an EV Charging product manager, driving an electric bus, crafting EV policies for the state, marketing the next great EV, making sense of EV industry data to gain insights, teaching the next generation of EV leaders in the classroom, or sitting in the board room being the WEV boss that the world needs, WEVs is your home to elEVate her. We’ll focus on “elEVating” you and you’ll pass it on by “elEVating” her.

Please note: WEV membership is for women who are currently working in the electric vehicle industry. Personally driving an EV does not qualify for WEVs membership, but we do welcome women who are currently interested in a future working in the EV industry to submit a request to join the WEVs LinkedIn Group.

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